Beige Carpet Dubai, A Perfect Option For Floor Covering

Beige Carpet Dubai is the most attractive-looking and equally delightful way of floor covering, This carpeting makes up delightful decors and preserves your floors in a long-term effective manner. These carpets in an appealing beige color feature the highest build quality and remain effectively serviceable for long. They serve as the ideal decor match for all of the residential as well as commercial ornamental purposes, as they offer the most decent accentuation. Also, they give a more well-accomplished look to the whole space around them.

Beige Carpet

Construction and Backing

Our beige Carpets mainly feature the woven fiber construction of Wool, Nylon, Polyester, and Olefin. These carpets have higher amounts of twisted fibers and high-density tufts.

For the purpose of securing the tuft and achieving dimensional stability, there’s backing as well, mostly made out of jute, rubber, or polypropylene. Also, there are thermoplastic compounds and woven reinforcing layers for additional strength.

Thickness and Sizing

Our carpets come with the standard pile height that ranges from 1/16 of an inch, all the way to 1 – 1/8 of an inch and the density goes from 6 lb per cubic foot to 8 lb per cubic foot. Another aspect of the carpet thickness is the one that starts from 1/4 inch and goes till 7/16 inch.


Given below are the unique features of our beige Carpet:

  • These beige blue carpets offer a fine resistance against multiple factors such as fire, moisture, and dirt
  • They offer considerable decor versatility and aesthetics
  • They’re greatly energy-efficient
  • They’re totally eco-friendly
  • They have excellent noise dampening properties and thus provide a lot of comforts
  • They have a non-slip surface and offer great underfoot comfort
Beige Carpet


Ahead are the amazing benefits of our Beige Carpets:

  • These carpets show a sturdy working and remain effectively serviceable in a number of situations
  • They offer a considerable cost-cutting on the energy bills
  • They make perfect environments with their temperature balancing properties
  • They provide great levels of resistance as well as acoustic protection
  • They improve the air quality
  • These carpets make all spaces significantly usable

Areas of Application

Our all-purpose and efficiently versatile Beige colored carpets can be considered as the ideal floor covering approach for nearly all spaces. They provide the most comfortable residential functionality and a highly decent commercial-grade decor.

Also, their cozy surface textures provide a wonderful surfacing to carry out a number of activities. Moreover, this carpeting can be very helpful for you if you’re a parent, babysitter, or pet owner.

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