Black Carpet; Get the Sleek Carpet Accessorizing brings you the Black Carpet for a wonderful beautification of the entire interiors of yours. These sleek and serviceable carpets appear pleasing to the eyes and remain effectively durable for extended time spans. They do the best pairing up with all interiors and the build quality is specifically excellent throughout. We’ve got you huge collections of the Black and White carpets, so as to have super presentable spaces all around you, with soft textures and a uniformly amazing standard.

Shaggy Black Carpet

Construction and Sizing

Our black and white carpets come within a vast range of manufacturing material choices. Black Carpet include luxury wool, silk, and linen carpets. The size variants come within the options of 300 cm x 450 cm, 180 cm x 275 cm, 270 cm x 360 cm and 240 cm x 300 cm. Other versions are the synthetic ones which comprise nylon, polypropylene and polyester and their blends.

Thickness and Pilling

The weave density of our Black carpets is 100 nodes/square meter. The pile height extends from 1/16 of an inch to 1 – 1/8 of an inch, in addition to the backing. The certain involved processes include tufting, solution dyeing and finishing, all the way forming the entire carpet pilling. The high piled versions include 1/2″ and 3/4″ and they come in both the cut piles and looped structures.

Specifications Lineup

We primarily use materials of Nylon, polyester, and propylene for the purpose of carpet baking in the Black Carpet. In the middle, there’s this SBR Latex coating, which is then followed by a primary backing. The topmost layer is usually of the face yarn, ultimately forming the carpet texture. Other specifications include the anti-microbial, anti-stain, and anti-static properties. The backing strengthens the carpet, making it last longer.

Black Carpet

Benefits Compilation

Our black and white carpets serve a number of purposes, making them the legit functional decor. Ahead are the factors depicting this;

  • Black & Brown Carpet induce a pleasurable warmth within the environment
  • They provide adequate levels of insulation
  • The carpeting makes a safe surfacing to walk on
  • They remain durable for longer timespans
  • The carpeting keeps excessive noise at bay

Areas of Application

The black carpet goes well for all of the interiors and exterior spaces. You can have it as the sleek official decor or even the one for your homes and apartments. This provides long-lasting serviceability without the discomforts of getting dull, stained, or accumulated in any way. Plus, our black and white carpets don’t require a lot of maintenance at all.

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