How Pink Carpets Give Perfect Look To Your Floor

Pink Carpets by Carpeter is one wonderful carpeting accessory that turns out to be the most attractive home decor. This lovely colored carpeting goes well with all interiors and feels delightful to look at. Primarily, it can be placed at all desired spots, however, it provides exceptional ornamentation for more vividly styled spaces such as kids’ rooms, play areas, and nurseries. Their highest build quality and softest surface textures make them the best carpeting choice and the one that is always in trend.

Pink Carpets

Construction and Backing

Our Pink Carpet initially feature the construction of Nylon, Wool, Cotton. Olefin, Polyester, and Acrylic. In addition to that, the other carpet versions include the blends of these materials as well.

These carpets usually have a Plastic, jute, or rubber backing for the purpose of durability enhancement. This kind of construction makes them ideally eco-friendly and durable for years straight.

Thickness and Sizing

Our Pink Carpets are available within the standard widths of 12 feet, reaching all the way up to 15 feet. Another option in between includes the 13 and a half feet one, as well and you can have the size customization, too, if you don’t manage to find your ideal decor match.

As for the thickness, these carpets have the standard thickness that varies from 0.25’’ to 0.50’’ along with the density ranging between 6 to 6 lbs.


Given below are the unique features of our carpeting in pink:

  • These carpets feature-rich and wholly organic colorings
  • They’re flawlessly non-toxic, chemical-free, and allergen-free in nature
  • They don’t allow dirt, dust, or germs to build-up
  • They’re resistant to UV rays and all other atmospheric conditions
  • They can be widely used for all sorts of commercial-grade ornamental and functional purposes
Pink Carpet


The Pink Carpet offers a number of advantages which are described below:

  • These carpets offer an elegant and decent decor
  • They’re totally children and pet-friendly
  • Pink & Red Carpet are extremely easy to clean and to maintain, as well
  • They’re free of color-fading and look sparkling all along
  • They are an attractive floor covering at a reasonable budget
  • They remain durable for extended periods of time.
  • Another perk of shopping with us is we make customized and handmade carpets for you in any color you want.

Areas of Application

Our Carpeting in Pink is the ideal floor covering choice for all spaces. With these attractive carpets, you can have the best decor creations within your children’s rooms, living room and most importantly have an entirely attractive girlish decor.

In addition to that, these carpets can be used at many commercial spaces such as gyms, spas, saloons, walkways, and other recreational spots.

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