Adorn Your Floors With Brown Carpet Dubai presents you a delightful way you can treat your floors with Brown Carpet Dubai. These high-quality and at the same time heavy-duty carpets carry out the most attractive decor accomplishment of all spaces. In addition to that. They provide fairly long-lasting and entirely effective serviceability. These carpets serve as a high-end floor covering which not just ensures the perfect safety sustenance of your floors but also provides you with the coziest surface underfoot. Also, this carpeting is totally cost-effective and has long-term benefits, as well.

Brown Carpet

Construction and Backing

In general, we make use of synthetic materials such as Polypropylene, Acrylic, Cotton, Wool, Nylon, and Polyester, in terms of our brown carpet construction. Post that, there is a carpet backing comprising tufted yarn as the primary backing layer.

Other backing materials include 100% plastic, jute, or recycled materials. This is the manufacturing stage where the carpet gets all its dynamic stability and strength.

Thickness and Sizing

Our carpets feature a number of standard thickness values that include 8 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm. These are mainly high-pile versions that have a standard weight of 700 g.

The sizes range from 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 8’ ones and above, plus, you can have the size customization, as well. The available shapes are fairly versatile such as spheres, rectangles, and squares, including the customizations, too.


Following is the lineup of our carpet’s unique characteristics:

  • These carpets are chemical-free and have a non-toxic nature
  • They come within high-piled versions with considerable density
  • They’re fire-resistant, dirt-resistant, and UV resistant
  • They provide the safest and anti-slip surfaces to walk over
  • They’re totally free of color-fading or texture-loss
  • They require the most minimal maintenance and are extremely easy to clean
Brown Carpet


Given below are the matchless perks and pros of our brown carpet:

  • These softest carpets provide endless comfort underfoot
  • They offer the nicest decor accomplishment\
  • They’ll reduce your energy expenses, much significantly
  • They adequate to optimize the room’s temperature
  • They offer an effective sound reduction and insulation
  • They are long-term cost-effective and ideally durable in nature
  • They provide the safest surfacing for children and pets


Our all-purpose brown & Grey Carpet go ideally well with all sorts of decor themes as well as best provide for all of the required scenarios.

From a super sleek professional-grade decor to the most relaxing residential one, this carpeting will serve you more than you can imagine. Also, you can have these carpets within your outdoors such as balconies and other spaces, as well.

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