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Green Carpet Dubai by Carpeter is one best ways you can have your interiors styled in a unique manner. This graceful green outdoor carpet serves as an attractive floor covering and also the most durable one, as well. It’s the kind of carpeting that appears refreshing to the mind and the quality is totally safe for everyone. Also, our green colored carpeting is widely available in various distinctive shades and the green carpet price is a fairly affordable one, too.

Green Carpet Runner

Manufacturing and Compiling

Our eco-friendly carpeting has a natural-fibre construction of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester and the also the blend of these within some cases. Also, it does not contain any chemical treatment at all, hence totally non-toxic to use. As for the carpet coloring, we make use of waterproof and UV resistant organic solution dyes, so that there is no color fading at all.

Thickness and Measurement

Our Green Carpet Dubai have a standard cushioning (thickness) that ranges between 1/4 inch and 7/16 inch. The pile height goes from 1/16 of an inch to 1 – 1/8 of an inch, excluding the backing. For the residential usage purpose, these carpets come in the native sizes of 12 feet, 13 feet and 6 inches and 15 feet.

Specifications Lineup

Our green carpeting comes with two major types of piling, the cut pile and the loop pile. Post that, we do the carpet backing with latex coating, jute and propylene, to best ensure the carpet resilience and durability. For those of the carpets meant for a exhibition application the carpet density ranges between 4000 to 7000. For the areas bearing higher foot traffic the carpet density usually is 5000 or above.

Green Carpet

List of Advantages

Following are the amazing benefits of our green outdoor carpets;

  1. There is no release of any kind of chemical toxics
  2. Green Color Carpet provide a nice warmth induction
  3. The carpeting provides a comfortable surface to walk over
  4. They offer perfect temperature balancing and acoustic protection
  5. They provide a slip-resistant surfacing
  6. They protect the floors from damage

Genres of Application

These are the outdoor Green Carpet Dubai in the first place and can be used within interiors, as well. They go well with all sorts of interiors and seem a lot lively. You can consider their placement within a number of areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, stairs, and even within commercial and work spaces. Also, they look really appealing within kids’ areas or those spaces meant for playing or sports.

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