3 Best Solutions To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet?

Having a neat and clean carpet, giving your room a whole ravishing look is much satisfying and adorable. No one out there wants to have a carpet with stains on it that might dull its sparkle and ultimately cause your room to look unappetizing.

Getting rid of the stains from the carpet is a tough task and requires some professional cleaning services. And, spilling red wine on your carpet must be a nightmare for you, but what if you could get the red wine out of the carpet yourself by using some home pantry things?

Now, you must be having a concern, i.e. “How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet” without getting professional cleaning services. So, let’s move towards the methods which going to help in getting rid of that stubborn stain(red wine stain).

Distinctive Reliable Steps To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

red wine stain on carpet


However, you can take professional carpet cleaning services to get rid of that stains, but when you can do it yourself, then why waste money? Here are some different methods to Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet, and you can apply one of them accordingly. These all methods require some basic household things.

  • Club Soda / Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar or dish wash
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

There is a complete description of each method, making it much easier for you to take off that stain and keep your home carpet in its original condition as it was before the spilling of red wine.

1. Use Club Soda to Get Rid of the Red Wine Stain

The use of club soda, to get the red wine out of the carpet, is the first and most efficient way. First thing first, clean the red wine, spilled on your carpet, with a clean and dry cloth. Then, sprinkle the club soda on the stain and blot it again with the proper clean cloth.

You have to repeat it(sprinkle the soda and blot it off) many times until the stain is gone. Just don’t try to rub it down. You will make it worse to pull out. Blot it gently in order to not create a mess. Rather than sprinkling, you can even make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it to the stain, then blot that area gently with a dry clean cloth to remove the stain.

2. Use White Vinegar / Dish Wash to Get The Rid Wine Out of the Carpet

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet?


If you are out of club soda, don’t worry! Carpeter.ae brings another method to Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet, including dish wash or white vinegar, to help you in getting rid of that stubborn stain. First thing first, blot the stain, as it is the most important step to do while cleaning off that red wine stain from your carpet.

Then, prepare a good cleaning solution by mixing one tablespoon of the dishwasher and one tablespoon of white vinegar into two cups of warm water. Now, take a cloth, dip it in that solution and start blotting the area where your carpet got the stain. Continue blotting that area again and again until the stain gets completely vanished from your carpet surface.

3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to pull off the Red Wine Stain from the Carpet

Now, if you don’t have white vinegar or club soda at your home, then you can use hydrogen peroxide to get the stain out of your carpet. Blot the area with a proper clean cloth and then make a solution by adding two parts of hydrogen peroxide to one part of dishwashing soap.

Before applying the solution, test it on a small area at the side of your modern carpet that either causes the discoloration of your carpet or not. If it causes discoloration, don’t apply this method. But if discoloration doesn’t happen, then dip a clean cloth into this solution and start blotting the area until the stain is completely gone. And, here you go with your neat and clean carpet enhancing the beauty of your home decor.

Another Simple Method to Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned things in your house, here is another simple method to apply without struggling much with the stain on your white carpet surface. First of all, blot the stain immediately(don’t try to rub it anyway).

Then, pour a small amount of cold water on the stained area and continue blotting the area. The water actually dilutes the red wine, which makes it easier to blot up. Avoid pouring a lot of water at the same time, and switch the cloth frequently to blot the stain. The cloth should be dry, otherwise, it makes the stain hard to pull off. Continue this step until no more stain can be removed with the cold water, then apply a carpet stain removal for the remaining stain appearing on your carpet.

To Conclude

No doubt, removing the stain from your carpet can be very frustrating, but the above-mentioned steps on how to Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet bring ease for you, helping you to get rid of the stubborn stain (red wine stain) from your carpet, hence making it look new, and not allowing them to dull the beauty of your carpet or your room.

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